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Welcome to Fish Restaurant, where the tantalizing flavors of fish take center stage! In this culinary venture, you embark on an ambitious journey to elevate ...


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Welcome to Fish Restaurant, where the tantalizing flavors of fish take center stage! In this culinary venture, you embark on an ambitious journey to elevate your appreciation for fish by establishing multiple eateries across the city. Your goal is to create exclusive dining establishments dedicated to serving delectable fish dishes. However, this endeavor requires meticulous planning and effort. From securing locations to ensuring a consistent supply of fresh fish, your task is to build a network of restaurants renowned for their exquisite seafood offerings.


  • Fish Restaurant offers a simulation experience that immerses you in the intricacies of managing a chain of fish-focused dining establishments.
  • Your journey begins with setting up your first restaurant. Contact the city administration to secure ideal locations or negotiate rentals for suitable spaces to launch your fish-centric eateries.
  • Once your locations are established, manage the logistics of sourcing high-quality fish products. Establish reliable supply chains to ensure a continuous provision of fresh and diverse fish varieties for your restaurants.
  • As customers visit your restaurants, manage their dining experiences by offering an array of mouthwatering fish-based dishes. Experiment with recipes, create signature dishes and tailor your menu to cater to various tastes and preferences.
  • Keep a close eye on your finances, as indicated in the top left corner. Manage expenses and revenue to maintain profitability and expand your business. Level up your restaurants by investing in improvements, upgrading facilities, and enhancing the overall dining ambiance.


  • Location Acquisition: Secure locations for your restaurants by liaising with the city administration or renting suitable spaces to establish your fish-focused eateries.
  • Supply Chain Management: Ensure a steady supply of fresh fish products by establishing reliable partnerships with suppliers or fish markets to maintain the quality and diversity of your offerings.
  • Menu Development: Create diverse and enticing fish-based dishes to cater to a wide range of tastes. Experiment with recipes, develop signature dishes and refine your menu offerings.
  • Financial Management: Monitor your finances closely, balancing expenses and revenue to sustain profitability. Invest in restaurant upgrades and improvements to attract more customers and increase earnings.
  • Restaurant Expansion: Level up your restaurants by investing in upgrades, improving facilities, and enhancing the dining experience to attract more patrons and expand your business empire.

Experience the thrill of building a seafood empire from scratch in Fish Restaurant. Manage resources, delight customers with exquisite fish dishes, and grow your culinary venture into a renowned chain of top-notch fish-focused eateries!

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