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IDLE: Gravity Breakout

IDLE: Gravity Breakout

Welcome to the thrilling and addictive world of IDLE: Gravity Breakout, where your mission is to obliterate powerful monster planets acting as gravity hubs



Welcome to the thrilling and addictive world of IDLE: Gravity Breakout, where your mission is to obliterate powerful monster planets acting as gravity hubs. This idle game presents an engaging challenge where tapping your way through or deploying purchased balls will serve as your primary means of attacking these planetary adversaries. Merge and empower your balls, acquire upgrades, and strategize your way to becoming an unstoppable force in this captivating, endlessly replayable game.


  • IDLE: Gravity Breakout puts you in the center of a cosmic battle against monstrous planets. Initially, you'll tap on these celestial bodies to deal damage. As you progress, you can invest in balls that autonomously engage in combat on your behalf. These balls can be merged to create stronger entities, and upgrades are available to enhance their capabilities, enabling them to tackle more formidable challenges.
  • The game continues to run even when you're not actively playing, allowing your balls to accumulate power and make progress. Returning to the game provides opportunities to strategize, merge balls for greater strength, purchase upgrades, and witness the impact of your progression.
  • With each victory against these planetary foes, you'll encounter tougher challenges, providing a sense of accomplishment and prompting further strategic thinking to overcome them. The game's replayability ensures that there's always more to achieve and conquer, keeping you engaged and striving for planetary domination.


  • The primary objective in IDLE: Gravity Breakout is to destroy the monster planets by tapping on them or utilizing balls you've purchased. Each successful attack chips away at the planet's health, eventually leading to its destruction. Upgrades can be purchased to empower your balls while merging them creates stronger entities capable of dealing more damage.
  • As the challenges escalate with progress, strategizing becomes crucial. Choosing when to merge balls, which upgrades to invest in, and how to navigate increasingly difficult planetary encounters are key aspects of mastering the game.


  • Idle Mechanics: The game progresses even when offline, allowing for continuous ball accumulation and power growth.
  • Ball Merging: Merge balls to create stronger entities, bolstering your offensive capabilities against the monster planets.
  • Upgrades: Purchase upgrades to enhance your balls with new abilities and increase their destructive potential.
  • Progressive Challenges: Encounter increasingly difficult monster planets, offering a constantly evolving and engaging gameplay experience.
  • Endless Replayability: The game is designed to be endlessly replayable, ensuring that players always have new challenges to overcome and goals to achieve.

IDLE: Gravity Breakout offers a blend of strategic planning, incremental progression, and addictive gameplay, catering to both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the mobile gaming world. Dive into this cosmic adventure and unleash the power of your balls to conquer the monstrous planets looming in the cosmos.

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