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Embark on an exciting and reflexive adventure in Pukiimon, a thrilling game that invites you to collect a whimsical array of Pukiimon by slicing and dicing ...


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Embark on an exciting and reflexive adventure in Pukiimon, a thrilling game that invites you to collect a whimsical array of Pukiimon by slicing and dicing the elusive Pukiiballs. With over 20 unique Pukiimon to collect, journey through progressively challenging levels, but be careful – don't let the Pukiiballs fall, and avoid slicing the bombs! This fun and engaging game will test your reflexes and keep you entertained as you navigate through the delightful world of Pukiimon. Are you ready for the slicing and collecting challenge that awaits?

How to Play:

  1. Slice and Dice Pukiiballs: Use your finger to slice and dice the Pukiiballs as they appear on the screen.
  2. Collect Pukiimon: Gather all the adorable Pukiimon characters that emerge from the sliced Pukiiballs.
  3. Progress Through Levels: Navigate through progressively harder levels as you collect more Pukiimon. Each level presents a new challenge.
  4. Avoid Pukiiballs Falling: Don't let the Pukiiballs fall off the screen. Keep them airborne by slicing and collecting quickly.
  5. Avoid Slicing Bombs: Be cautious not to slice the bombs that may appear. Slicing bombs can lead to unfavorable consequences.

Game Rules:

  1. Collect Pukiimon: The primary goal is to collect all the Pukiimon characters by slicing the Pukiiballs.
  2. Prevent Falling Pukiiballs: Ensure that the Pukiiballs don't fall off the screen to progress through levels successfully.
  3. Avoid Bomb Slicing: Do not slice the bombs that may appear, as doing so can have negative consequences.
  4. Progressive Difficulty: As you advance through levels, expect the challenge to increase, testing your reflexes and slicing precision.
  5. High Score Challenge: Compete against yourself and others for the highest score as you aim to collect as many Pukiimon as possible.


  1. Over 20 Pukiimon to Collect: Enjoy the variety of over 20 unique Pukiimon characters, each with its charm and appeal.
  2. Progressive Levels: Experience an escalating level of difficulty as you progress through the world of Pukiimon, offering a challenging and engaging gameplay experience.
  3. Reflexive Gameplay: Sharpen your reflexes as you quickly slice and collect Pukiimon while navigating through dynamic levels.
  4. Bombs as Challenges: The introduction of bombs adds an extra layer of challenge, requiring strategic slicing to avoid unfavorable outcomes.
  5. Endless Fun: With its engaging gameplay and variety of Pukiimon to collect, "Pukiimon" promises endless fun, making it a perfect choice for players seeking a casual and enjoyable gaming experience.

Embark on a slicing adventure in the charming world of Pukiimon. Test your reflexes, collect adorable characters, and navigate through progressively challenging levels. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Pukiimon collector?

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