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Cookie Master

Cookie Master is an online simulation and decoration game where you get to run a cookie shop and decorate cookies to fulfill specific customer requests.



Cookie Master is an online simulation and decoration game where you get to run a cookie shop and decorate cookies to fulfill specific customer requests. The game allows you to showcase your creativity in designing beautiful and delicious cookies.

Cookie Master


Here's a guide on how to play Cookie Master and understand its controls:

Game Objective:

The main objective in Cookie Master is to run a successful cookie shop by decorating cookies to meet your customers' requests and earn rewards for your creativity and skills.

Gameplay Features:

  • Cookie Shop: You'll be managing and operating your cookie shop, which involves decorating cookies based on customer orders.

  • Cookie Decoration: You'll have the opportunity to decorate cookies using various tools and ingredients, including cake samples, desserts, fruits, and more.

  • Unlocking: As you progress in the game, you can unlock new tools and ingredients that enable you to create even more impressive and unique cookie designs.

  • Rewards: Your performance in fulfilling customer orders and decorating cookies will be rewarded with in-game rewards and currency, allowing you to grow your business and unlock additional features.


The controls in Cookie Master are typically user-friendly and straightforward:

  1. Mouse (or Touchscreen): If you're playing on a computer, you can use your mouse to interact with the game. If you're playing on a mobile device or tablet, you can use touchscreen controls to decorate the cookies.

How to Play:

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play Cookie Master:

  1. Start the Game: Launch Cookie Master in your web browser or on your preferred gaming platform.

  2. Cookie Shop Setup: You'll likely start with a basic cookie shop setup and a few decoration options.

  3. Customer Orders: Customers will visit your shop and place orders for specific cookie designs. These orders will include details on how to decorate the cookies.

  4. Cookie Decoration: Use the available tools and ingredients to decorate the cookies according to the customer's order. Get creative and aim to meet the customer's expectations for a delicious and beautifully designed treat.

  5. Completing Orders: After decorating the cookies, serve them to the customers to complete their orders.

  6. Earning Rewards: Successful order completion will earn you rewards and currency in the game, allowing you to unlock new tools, ingredients, and features.

  7. Shop Expansion: As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to expand and improve your cookie shop, making it more professional and appealing to customers.

  8. Challenges and Objectives: The game may present you with various challenges and objectives to keep the gameplay engaging and rewarding.

  9. Becoming the Best Boss: Your ultimate goal is to become the best boss and own a thriving cookie manufacturing business by satisfying your customers with your cookie decorating skills.

  10. Enjoyment without Spending: Cookie Master is designed to be an enjoyable and relaxing game that you can play for extended periods without the need to spend real money. It offers a satisfying and creative gaming experience.

In summary, Cookie Master is a fun and creative cookie decoration simulation game where you run a cookie shop, decorate cookies, and fulfill customer orders. Use your creativity and earn rewards to expand and improve your business. It's an ideal game for unwinding and enjoying hours of gameplay without any cost.

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